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AFL 11 (11.5 inch) Infield

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11.5” US Patented "Funnel" pattern, Torino leather, I-web, dual-hinge with inverted thumb and pinky finger design, open back, medium pocket.

In response to the large number of professional infielders who bend the thumb and pinky fingers of their gloves outward creating a glove that remains open rather than closed in it's natural state, Akadema has created the Funnel. With Patent Pending FleXion slit and an inverted thumb and pinky finger, the Funnel's natural state is open, allowing for the maximum fielding surface available for that hard ground ball up the middle or that two hopper in the hole. Turn two like an All-Star with Akadema's Funnel infielder's glove! Right throw only.

Throw: RHT 
Position Recommendations: 2nd Base, 3rd Base, Short Stop