Patents & Trademarks

The following is a list of Akadema’s Patents & Registered Trademarks


The Reptilian Glove  
Patent Awarded:  2002
Patent:  US 6,353,931
Type:   Fielder’s Glove

In 2001, Akadema filed the Reptilian glove patent based on Lawrence Gilligan’s ideas from early 1990’s.The glove created a large pocket and surface area to catch ground balls.  It is one of our most popular designs and is incorporated on the AOZ91 and the ATS77.

The Praying Mantis
Patent Awarded:  2003
Patent:  6,640,339
Type: Catcher’s Mitt

In 2002, Akadema filed the Praying Mantis Patent for catcher’s mitts.  Lawrence worked with catchers to come up with a new design. This new design became one of the most radical changes to the catcher’s mitt since the 1950’s. The Praying Mantis changed the way catchers mitts are created. The Mitt featured a stress wedge, a slight angle change to the hand position and the top thumb hinge to curl the mitt back towards the pocket. It also has additional finger hammocks to secure the hand in place. It has become our bestselling product to date. It is found in nearly every catcher’s mitt we make. 

The Claw Glove
Patent Awarded: 2003
Patent: US6,536,046
Type:  Outfielder’s Glove

In 2002, Akadema filed the Claw patent based on Lawrence’s ideas from his pro ball days in the early 1990’s. The glove shuts like a claw by sliding all fingers down one finger slot. This creates a better snap to the glove. The patent is found on the APX-221 glove. 

Spiral Lock Glove & Mitt Web
Two Patents Awarded 2004
Patent: D490,574 & D481,495
Type: Glove and Mitt Web Design

In 2003, Akadema filed the Spiral Lock in response to catchers mitts that had a high level of blow outs with lacing.  The spiral web is secured to the mitt or a glove which reduces lacing breaks. The design is incorporated on every Praying Mantis Mitt. 

Tacktion Grip for Bats
Patent Awarded: 2005
Patent: US6,881,164
Type:  Gripping application for sports products or tools

In 2002, Akadema filed a patent for a grip to be placed on the handle of a bat, tool, or other sporting goods. The slurry substance made of crushed walnut shells,sunflower seeds,and sand is applied on the bat to make a great surface to grip. 

The Funnel Glove
Patent Awarded: 2006
Patent:  D527,148
Type: Infielder’s Glove

In 2004 Akadema filed a patent on the Funnel for players who wanted a small pocket and more stabbing action. The idea is based off of some of Lawrence Giligan’s professional  playing days in the 1990’s. Gilligan found when you curled the glove open, the pocket became more like a ball shoot and helped with fielding action for balls hit from side to side. In addition to the patented design, the glove has a flexible slit in the pinky and thumb to keep the glove open on top in the correct funnel position. This patent is found in the AFL 211 and the AFL11. 

Heated Glove
Patent Awarded: 2006
Patent: 7,002,104
Type:  Glove Concept

In 2005 Akadema filed a patent for a heated glove for players that played during the cold spring and fall months. The glove had a power source that kept the fingers warm and help alievaite the sting of the ball on those cold spring days and those brisk autumn nights.


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