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APX 221 (12.75 inch) Outfield

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12.75" Reptilian Claw pattern, modified trap web, open back ,deep pocket, Outfield Three-finger, Double-Flexinge Reptilian Claw. Akadema ® continues to revolutionize the glove industry with its unique position by position patented technology gloves. The Reptilian Claw ™ continues the evolution and is the most innovative outfield glove on the market today. Designed specifically to raise the level of play in the outfield positions, the Reptilian Claw allows for comfort and performance. For years professional outfielders have been forcing five fingers into three small fingerstalls as well as attempting to create an artificial hinge into the thumb of their gloves to create a deeper pocket and easier close. In response the patent pending Reptilian Claw ™ offers three wider fingerstalls that are much larger than a regular glove as well as a Doubleflexed Hinge ™ for easier collapse points in the pocket. These unique features allow for more comfort, easier closing and increased pocket size. Right or Left hand throw.

Throw: RHT or LHT
Position Recommendations: Outfield